Brick exteriors can be applied to a variety of building styles, whether historic or contemporary. Brick is an energy-efficient building material, as well as sturdy and long-lasting. Although brick requires some degree of maintenance and care, the material does not require extensive upkeep. The following tips from expert masonry contractors Franklin Park will help you maintain your brick walls.

Brick Cleaning
The first step in maintaining a brick building is to wash it. The shade of the building can cause moisture to collect, which can lead to the growth of vegetation. To clean this off, mix one cup of bleach per gallon of water, and then wash it with a bristle brush.

Check Brick for Water Damage.
The primary causes of water damage to brick are splashback and rising wetness. Groundwater levels can fluctuate over time, but salt in the moisture can remain in the brick and induce decay. It’s advised that you inspect your bricks yearly for signs of water damage and pursue professional masonry contractors Glendale Heights services if required.

Brick Tuckpointing
Tuckpointing Oak Park is the process of repairing cracks and damaged mortar joints in brick or stone walls. First, damaged mortar is removed and fresh mortar is applied. The new mortar should be two times the width of the joint to allow for proper adhesion.

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