If you need a new roof, you may want to think about hiring a professional. Roofs are responsible for protecting your home from the elements. If they aren’t in good shape, expensive repairs could be in your future. Leaks and mold will cause problems with your home’s structure, which can be expensive to repair.

When Presidential Roofing inspects your roof each year, you can be sure that we will examine every element of the roofing system carefully. We will check to make sure the flashing around your chimney is sealed properly so water does not leak into the brick. We will also make sure that your downspouts are installed correctly and functioning as they should so rainwater drains away from your foundation instead of collecting near it.

As a homeowner, you need your shingles to be secure and strong enough to withstand hail up to 3 inches in diameter without breaking apart. A ventilation system is equally important so that moisture levels will not cause rot or mold problems for the structure below. Call Presidential Roofing Chicago for an annual inspection of your new roof.

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